Green Bike Electric Motion Electric Bikes

Green Bike Electric Motion is an electric bike company based in Reseda CA, with the goal of making electric bikes accessible to EVERYONE!

Their story begins back in Tel Aviv, 2005. When 3 miles in rush hour take you 40 minutes with a car, plus another 20 minutes to find parking space (not to mention the expensive gas, tickets and insurance) then you start realizing that the future of urban transportations is compact and electric. From there, they started to design electric scooters and electric bicycles and became the leading electric bike company in Israel 

After that they expended to Europe and the USA. Every year they are making newer and better designs. Green Bike Electric Motion has a huge amount of experience in designing and producing high quality electric bikes and scooters, using the latest technologies in the eBike industry and yet they have still been able to keep the ebikes affordable

Better became their inspiration.

The ebike models are designed and manufactured with an emphasis on quality and reliability, according to top of the line technical specifications.
Green Bike Electric Motion believes that it’s better to pay a little more for a quality product – than buy cheap and pay much more financially, physically, and emotionally later on. That's why every part and item on, or included with, a Green Bike Electric Motion electric bicycle is diligently inspected by the team AND by experts on their behalf in the factory they are produced (with profound attention to detail).

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