Top Electric Bikes for Off Road in 2020

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Do you find yourself frequently travelling over hard, difficult terrain? Maybe you are a hunter and need to access remote locations?  Maybe you are a mountain bike enthusiast and enjoy cross-country rides? Maybe you simply love explorer the great outdoors but are looking to ride harder for longer? Riding an electric bike could be the perfect option for you.

As well as the added benefit of the electric-powered motor assistance, electric bikes built for off-roading are becoming extremely popular due to their versatility of use, and superior performance. An electric bike makes riding over difficult tracks and trails easy, which can improve efficiency, longevity and overall enjoyment of what you are doing!

At Wired Wheels, we stock a range of great electric bikes built for off road endeavors, suitable to your needs.


 The Mule by Bakcou

 Are you a hunter or outdoors man, looking to access remote terrain which is difficult by foot or even an ATV? A BAKCOU Mule Fat Tire Electric Bike might be the one for you. First and foremost, these bikes are built as ebikes, rather than as regular bikes modified to function as an ebike, so they are designed to handle the stresses and demands of off-road riding in the backcountry or hauling excess load.

A key feature of the Mule is its incorporation of the latest eBike technology.  The Mule utilizes a mid-drive Bafang Ultra motor with either a 750w or 1000w output option as well as the highest quality lithium ion batteries, giving you the choice between more power output and range capabilities (up to 40 miles). The Mule’s robust and durable aluminium frame frame, 4-inch Maxxis puncture resistant tires on 26-inch rims makes it the perfect electric bike to help you on the tough terrain, mountainous back country or off road trails.

Key features of the Mule by BAKCOU eBikes:

  • High Quality Motor Technology with Two Outputs – 750w or 1000w
  • Robust Aluminium Frame with Puncture Resistant Fat Tires
  • Designed by Outdoorsmen, for Outdoorsmen
  • Alternative Step-Through Option (BAKCOU Mule Step-Through (ST))
  • 1 year Free Warranty on all purchases

 To browse the full range of BAKCOU eBikes, click here


 The Ranger 750w by QuietKat

The QuietKat Ranger is designed for outdoorsmen and long-distance riders, so it incorporates many features in its design to allow a high performance output. The Ranger has thick 4.5-inch fat tires, great for traveling across rough terrain or off road in all weather conditions. A 750-watt brushless DC motor allows the rider to reach speeds of up to 19 miles per hour using the throttle alone. Pedal assist is another great feature, meaning you can really extend the range of your ride. The motor is connected to the wheel hub via a durable stainless-steel chain, for extra durability and sturdiness. QuietKat have also added spring coil hydraulic suspension, making it easier to navigate some of the more rugged terrain.

The Ranger is a great choice for intermediate and advanced riders who want durable features able to withstand rugged conditions. Additionally, the Ranger boasts a rustproof aluminium frame and waterproof housing for your Panasonic batteries, so you can be sure your ebike will stand up to everything you throw at it.

Key features of the QuietKat Ranger 750w:

  • 750w brushless DC motor for Great Power Output and Range plus Pedal Assist Mode
  • Rustproof aluminium frame with 4.5-inch Fat Tires
  • Premium Panasonic Batteries in a Weatherproof Housing.
  • 1 year free warranty on purchase

 To browse the full range of  QuietKat electric bikes, click here


 The Lynx Pro Sport by Emojo

Emojo Lynx Pro Ultra Electric Bike 500w

The Lynx Pro Ultra by Emojo is little different in that it is a fat tire folding electric bike. This means the Lynx Pro eBike provides the added value of being compact and easy to store and carry, whilst  combining 20-inch rims with 4-inch wide Kendra Fat tires, to handle off road terrain such as the beach, snow or trail. The Lynx Pro Ultra boasts a powerful 500-watt brushless DC hub motor and a lithium-ion battery that gives it a respectable maximum range of 30 miles on a single charge – great for longer commutes or adventures.

Emojo Lynx Pro Ultra Electric Bike 500w - Wired Wheels

Although the fat tires allow you to take the Lynx Pro off road, this eBike also function as an awesome commuter bike. The folding bike frame features a twist throttle and pedal assist so you can easily ride through the streets and traffic. Additional advantages including a charge time of just 6 hours and the flexibility to fold and easily store in your car trunk. While not designed with only off roading in mind, the Lynx Pro Ultra by Emojo is worth considering for its versatility. Also available in the Lynx Pro Basic model.

Key features of the Lynx Pro Ultra:

  • Folding Rigid Steel Frame so easy storage
  • Dual Disc Brakes, 20-inch rims with 4-inch Kendra tires suitable for the beach, snow or trail
  • Powerful 500w brushless DC hub motor

 To browse the full range of Emojo electric bikes, click here


 The Cougar Electric Mountain Bike by Emojo


Maybe you are looking for something more suitable for leisurely off road rides? For this, take a look at the Wildcat Electric Mountain Bike by Emojo. It is a great choice for those who enjoy the ride but want something suitable to take on a trail and can traverse hilly terrain. It features a rigid mountain bike frame with a 500-watt brushless DC motor and a 4-inch wide Kendra oversized tires. Additionally, high-performance dual disc brakes, 7-speed Shimano gearing, and its lightweight alloy frame means the Wildcat is up to the challenge.

The Wildcat is a great choice for those who want an electric bike capable of heading off road but without the complicated features of other electric bikes. The model still features a thumb throttle and pedal assist, and distance wise, the Wildcat can travel up to a 25 miles on a single charge. The 26-inch rims ensure that the Wildcat performs well over difficult terrain or roads.

Key features of the Wildcat Electric Mountain Bike:

  • Rigid Frame with Dual Disc Brakes.
  • Lithium-Iron Phosphate battery in a Weatherproof Housing for longevity.
  • USB Port for Charging Your Phone on the Go.


The 2020 Ridgerunner by QuietKat

Some of the most rugged terrain on the planet is found in the Rocky Mountains. The beauty of this place is only matched by the danger and exposure faced while enjoying the grand peaks and valleys. To conquer this terrain you need the ultimate machine. Take a look at the QuietKat RidgeRunner Electric Mountain Bike. This model boasts a hardtail frame sports with wide 4.5-inch oversized tires and a seriously large 750w or 1000w motor. The RidgeRunner has a battery range of 2550miles, 9-speed gearing and comes in either a 17" or 19" frame. If you want to preserve the duration of your electric output, simply switch to pedal assist mode.

Along with its fat tires, the QuietKat RidgeRunner utilizes spring coil hydraulic fork suspension so rider comfort; this makes the RidgeRunner great for riding downhill or going over rough terrain where other bikes might struggle. The QuietKat RidgeRunner features Tektro 4-piston Hydraulic Disc braking on both wheels for better control and stopping power.

Key features of the QuietKat RidgeRunner Electric Mountain:

  • Heavy Built Frame to Withstand up to 300 lbs.
  • Powerful 750w/1000w Electric Motor
  • Fast Maximum Speed on Throttle.


The Rebel 1000W Carbon Electric Hunting Bike by Rambo Bikes

The Rebel 1000w Carbon by Rambo Bikes is a great ride for enthusiasts and adventurers because it is built for harsh environments. It features a heavy-duty aluminium frame, which prevents rust and deterioration. Its 4.8-inch wide Maxxis Minion tires provide superior traction while its 1000-watt motor is powerful enough to allow a top speed of 28 miles per hour on throttle alone. Enjoy speeding up on the road or when riding on sloping terrain.

The Rambo Rebel 1000w Carbon Electric Bike is notable for its use of high-end components. You will get a Panasonic Battery (14.5 a/h), Wellgo B807DU Pedals, Comfortable Selle Royal A027HEO Saddle, and 770-mm wide Promax handlebars. It has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear for good stopping power great for downhill and urban riding. 

Key features of the Rambo Rebel 1000w Carbon Electric Bike:

  • Heavy Duty Frame Built for any Weather Conditions.
  • Powerful 1000w Motor
  • High Quality, Premium eBike Components

To browse the full range of Rambo Electric Bikes, click here

What’s your favourite eBike for off roading? Comment below!

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