How to Find the Best Electric Mountain Bike for Hunting

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If you are an avid hunter, fisher or outdoors-person you will know that having some form of transportation to navigate difficult terrain, assist with carrying heavy gear and your catch or to even just cover more ground in a day is essential.  More and more, we are seeing people turn to an electric mountain bike or electric hunting bike as their preferred option. 

So, what makes an electric mountain bike a great option?

Greater Distance to Cover

With an electric mountain bike or electric hunting bike, you will be able to cover a lot more ground in one day than simply walking the terrain. This means you will be able to reach further remote locations. Even better, electric mountain bikes for hunting allow you to carry your hunting gear and supplies on the back or tow a detachable trailer for more capacity. 

Less Traceable than an ATV 

An electric mountain bike is quiet and does not use gas, which means you won't be letting off a scent that easily detectable or spoking away your prey as you approach. 

Easy to Operate

Compared with an ATV or other gas operated transportation, an electric hunting bike is much easier to operate for a wider variety of people - all you really need to know is how to ride a bicycle! Either a pedal assist or throttle ebike is simple to get going on and doesn't feel that much different from riding a regular bike, except that it requires less effort!

Powerful Option

Most of our recommended electric mountain bikes for hunting operate a 750w or 1000w motor, which will allow you to run between 20-30 miles per hour moving powerfully and swiftly across that mountainous terrain. 

What to look our for when choosing an Electric Hunting Bike? 

Motor Type

It's important to understand the type of motor your electric mountain bike has and what you would prefer. Generally, great brands for electric hunting bikes like BAKCOU, Rambo and QuietKat have either mid-drive motors or rear hub / front hub motors. 

Mid-drive motors sit between the pedals and are enclosed within the frame of the bike. 

best electric hunting bike

A mid-drive motor drives the crank itself, instead of the wheel, so it allows the rider to use the gears in tandem with the power output of the motor making the ride up those steep hills and difficult terrain that much easier. This is why a number of electric mountain bikes we recommend for hunting have mid-drive motors. 

Hub motors on the other hand, sit within either the front or rear wheel of your electric bike. 


Front hub or rear hob motors essentially propel the wheel forward so in that sense, will feel more like riding a gas powered motor bike. This makes a front hub or rear hub motor great for flat terrain but you can run into trouble with steeper more mountainous areas. With front or rear hub motors, you will also have the choice of direct-drive (heavier but faster) or geared motors (smaller but slower and create more noise). 

Fat Tire Width

When looking at an electric mountain bike best for hunting, look for a ebike with fat tires generally in the range of 4" to 4.8". This will benefit you when you are riding across tricky terrain or muddied tracks where you need the extra surface area and grip of the fat tires. 

Motor Range and Output

If you are out and about in a remote part of the countryside, you want to make sure that you electric mountain bike has ample range to get you there and back.  This is a function of the powerful motor and size of the battery. Most of our recommended electric mountain bikes for hunting carry either a 750w or 1000w motor, which has plenty of range output (generally 30-50 miles).  Throw in a 48 volt battery for extended distance and this creates more than enough distance and time with charge for those longer hunts and outdoor adventures. 

Weight and Towing Capacity

Generally, a lighter electric hunting bike is preferred for this type of off-roading however, it's also very important to make sure the bike can handle the heavy loads or towing when hunting. To that, look for an electric hunting bike that can handle the weight of you plus your gear and catch for the day - our hunting ebikes can usually handle loads up to 300lbs. 

Built to Last

Electric mountain bikes that are going to be battling long, difficult terrain and all the elements have to throw at it need to be robust and durable.  Aside from checking the quality of the motor, suspension and gearing, make sure that the frame of the bike is rust proof alloy and built to last.  This is also why we tend to stock electric hunting bikes that provide good manufacturers warranty.

Some of the Best Electric Mountain Bikes for Hunting

BAKCOU Mule Electric Hunting Bike

Best electric hunting bike

The BAKCOU Mule Electric Hunting Bike has been one of the top selling electric mountain bikes for hunters on the market. This bike has been built by hunters and avid outdoors-people to handle all the great outdoors has to throw at it so we know that when it comes to hunting, this bike has everything you need. 

Available in both 750w and 1000w with a Ultra mid-drive Bafang motor, a 48v 14.5ah battery for extended distance, high grade aluminum alloy frame, 9 speed Shimano gearing, and 24"/ 26" Maxxis Minion tires - this electric mountain bike is perfect for those looking to up their hunting game. 

The BAKCOU Mule also comes fully equipped with free accessories including a pannier rack, 2am charger, mud fenders and 400lm headlight.  The Mule is comes in camo, matte black, white and desert tan. 

QuietKat Ranger Electric Hunting Bike

Best electric hunting bike

The new 2020 QuietKat Ranger Electric Hunting Bike features updated frame geometry paired with focused weight distribution to optimize ride quality and handling. Adjustable dropouts make it easy to adjust the wheelbase or run a single-speed drivetrain for simplicity.

The Ranger features QuietKat’s performance build kit; including adjustable coil-suspension, mechanical disc brakes, and an 8-speed drivetrain. The hub-drive motor provides direct power to the rear wheel, independent of the chain. The result is consistent power in all gears. The Ranger is more affordable than some of the mid-drive motor counterparts so if there's a differentiating factor here and you are looking for a hub motor, then the Ranger comes in at a great price. 

Rambo Nomad 750w XPC11 TrueTimber Electric Hunting

Best Electric Hunting Bike

The Rambo Nomad 750W XPC11 TrueTimber Viper Western Camo Xtreme Performance Electric bike has great power and torque thanks to the 750w mid-drive motor but with an added upgrade front suspension for added off road adventures. The Nomad designed and equipped for the hard-core hunter and features Rambo's intelligent power control. 

The Nomad comes in TrueTimber Viper Camo, holds at 48v 11.6ah battery for extended distance, high tech front and rear Tektro braking, 26" Maxxis Minion Tires and a loading capacity of 300lbs. 

BAKCOU Storm Electric Hunting Bike

Best electric hunting bike

The BAKCOU Storm Electric Hunting Bike carries the power and quality of its sibling, the BAKCOU Mule, but with the added specifications of a bigger battery for extended distance, greater range (40+ miles) and G2 suspension. 

if it’s gnarly, rugged, steep, or technical then look no further than the full suspension BAKCOU Storm Electric Hunting Bike. 


If you are looking to enhance your hunting, fishing or outdoors experience but want a sustainable, quiet and efficient form of transportation to do it then an electric mountain bike could be just for you. We stock a great range of ebikes fit for this purpose and are always here to help! We hope this helps answers any questions and assists you in making a great electric mountain bike purchase!

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